About Us:


               ADS is an advertising company specialized in helping businesses market and sell their goods and services on the Internet. We design and maintain quality electronic publications on the Internet that allow companies to open an electronic store-front to millions of potential customers world wide.

Businesses are finding the Internet to be an extremely cost-effective tool for advertising . You could spend a fortune in conventional advertising methods. Consider how much a small ad would cost in a magazine, or how much you could spend for printing and mailing catalogs. The cost of online advertising is very reasonable and you can visually promote so much more information for a much lower cost. With the low cost of Internet advertising, even small companies can compete with the world's corporate giants.

Online promotion can be an important addition to your marketing mix. Customers can browse your site and access information about your product or service. They can see what your product looks like, leave you Electronic Mail, fill out a form (with questions you want to ask) that can be faxed or E-Mailed to you, and even order your product online. Every business selling goods or services today should consider looking at how the Internet can work for them. Don't miss out on the Internet's explosive market!

Contact us for more information or to arrange for a representative to visit and show you how other businesses, like yours, are taking advantage of advertising on the Internet. You too can reach new customers on-line.

You can reach us by e-mail at: sales@adsd.com
Mailing Address: 2515 Ivy Stone Trail
Buford, GA 30519