For my Great-Great Grandfather
William P. Moore
September 8, 1833 - April 11, 1912

State Flag of Georgia

Battery D, 9th Battalion Georgia Light Artillery
"Gwinnett Artillery"
Organized April 23, 1862


Organized April 23, 1862, by Captain Tyler M. Peeples.
Sent to Atlanta to guard government stores, awaiting the arrival of arms and equipment.
August 1862
With General Humphrey Marshall at Abingdon, Virginia.
This served as the base of Marshall's command through most of 1862 and 1863.
December 30, 1862
Marched 28 miles to Saltville, Virginia to defend the works there.
September 19-20, 1863
Participated in the Battle of Chickamauga and protected a ridge near Chickamauga Creek with two, twelve pound Napoleon cannons, two twenty-four pound howitzers, and sixty-nine rounds of ammunition. (Army of Tennessee).
January-March 1864
With detachement of Army of Northern Virginia in Tennessee.
October 1864
Ordered to Richmond for heavy duty.
November 1864 - March 1865
With General Richard S. Ewell, in the Army of Northern Virginia at Petersburg, Virginia.
April 9, 1865
Surrendered with General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.


Captain - Tyler M. Peeples 3rd Sergeant - Daniel A. Brooks
Senior 1st Lieutenant - William J. Born 4th Sergeant - Elsberry Holcomb
Junior 1st Lieutenant - Thomas H. Loveless 5th Sergeant - Lewis P. Jackson
2nd Lieutenant - John T. Clower 1st Corporal - Stephen Ryle
3rd Lieutenant - Robert C. Montgomery, Jr. 2nd Corporal - William W. Wilson
1st Sergeant - William A. Baxter 3rd Corporal - Alonzo J. King
2nd Sergeant - George T. Moore 4th Corporal - Andrew J. Abbott


Abbott, John L.
Abbott, Mathew B.
Adair, James W.
Adair, John T.
Adams, James W.
Alexander, John M.
Atkinson, John S.
Bailey, W. F.
Barber, Truman F.
Barker, John R.
Barker, Joseph G.
Barton, Barton
Baugh, Scott L.
Benefield, John H.
Bennett, James A.
Bennett, Richard M.
Benson, Shelton
Betts, George W.
Blake, Caleb A.
Born, William W.
Brogdon, Noah B.
Brogdon, William R.
Brooks, Francis M.
Brooks, George W.
Brooks, James C.
Brooks, Jesse N.
Brooks, Richard T.
Brown, Andrew J.
Brown, Morgan S.
Cates, Daniel S.
Chamblee, George L.
Chamblee, Mathew W.
Chesser, Benjamin F.
Clark, Archibald
Clark, Hiram
Cox, Joseph W.
Craig, James K.
Craig, William T.
Crumly, Samson
Crumpton, James D.
Davis, Van
Davis, William J. H.
Dollar, Nelson
Doss, Green M.
Duncan, Moses H.
Durham, Willard I.
Duveau, Pearson
Edmondson, John T.
Edmondson, LeRoy
Edmondson, Meredith E.
Ethridge, Robert F. S.
Ewing, John
Ewing, William E.
Fields, R. Clinton
Flowers, William F.
Forister, William F.
Fountain, Norton
Frazier, George W.
Frazier, Henry H.
Green, Alford T.
Green, Gaston
Green, George W.
Griswell, James F.
Hart, Francis M.
Hay, William B.
Herrington, James I.
Herrington, Jesse T.
Herrington, William F.
Hill, John
Holcomb, Elijah S.
Holcomb, Henry P.
Holcomb, Mathew M.
Hope, Joseph E.
Horton, Charles W. D.
Horton, George R.
Horton, Jesse A.
Hutchins, George H.
Jackson, Charles M.
Jackson, Henry M.
Jackson, James F.
Jackson, Mitchell H.
James, Andrew J.
James, John W.
Johnson, John
Johnson, William R.
Johnson, William T.
Kemp, Sanford M.
Kennedy, Hugh A.
Kircus, Patrick M.
Kyle, Jasper L.
Leggett, Martin
Lockridge, Amon
Lockridge, Francis M.
Lockridge, Thomas N.
Loveless, Francis M.
Loveless, Levi J.
Lowery, Edmond I.
Lowery, Elyah M.
Maddox, Daniel W.
Maffett, Robert N.
Mangum, William A.
McClung, Henry C.
McConnell, James
Moore, William P.
Morgan, Richard F.
Moulder, Hugh B.
Moulder, Singleton
Murphy, John
Neighbors, John
Nicholson, W. B.
Parks, William B.
Payne, W. B.
Payne, William
Phillips, Richard N.
Pirkle, Albert G.
Pirkle, Andrew J.
Pruett, David E.
Pruett, Thomas
Ragan, James
Read, William C. T.
Roberts, Tabner G.
Robertson, Francis M.
Robertson, James F.
Robinson, LeRoy
Samples, Anderson G.
Segraves, William J.
Sizemore, Ephram
Smith, Andrew J.
Smith, William G.
Strickland, Hardy W.
Sudderth, Allen R.
Sudderth, James P.
Sudderth, Joseph E.
Sudderth, William H.
Swafford, Moses
Thompson, William D.
Tinney, John
Venable, Willis
Verner, John L.
Wellborn, Pierce M.
Wheeler, Richard
Whitly, George
Wilkenson, John D.
Williams, Sexton
Williamson, Walton A.
Wilson, James L.
Wisdom, John L.
Young, Christopher C.
Young, David W.
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